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Supporting Clinicians to Fund MedTech Innovation.

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We Bring Together


Interested in investing in an area where they have clinical expertise

MedTech Innovation

Who need funding and other early stage supports

Clinicians as Investors

Clinicians are in a unique position to evaluate MedTech Innovations. This allows you to invest in areas where you have expert medical knowledge which gives you a competitive advantage.

Exclusive access to early stage MedTech Innovations

Invest from €1,000 up to €250,000

Invest in pre-vetted companies

Self-directed Investments

Risk diversification

Optional consultancy and collaboration roles

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For MedTech Start Ups

MedTech Syndicates is a unique funding concept for Medical Technology. By bringing together clinicians and MedTech companies under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to invest in innovations.

Access to a network of clinical investors

Investor readiness vetting

Pitch and slide deck design and presentation skills

Clinical evaluation of technology

Source key opinion leaders and non-executive directors

Due diligence for future investment

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Deep Sector Specialism

Our syndicates are clinical led providing a clinical evaluation.

Risk Diversification

Multiple clinicians investing diversifies the risk for investors and increases benefits to the company.

Improved Offer Evaluation

More Investors leads to more robust clinical evaluation.

Post investment evaluation

Clinical investors provide the clinical evaluation that professional investors require.

Global Reach

International investors can help advise on a multitude of markets, their access and reimbursement.

Accelerating Time to Market

Clinical backing will support earlier market acceptance of technology.