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Diversify your risk and select companies with innovative technology to invest in and work with.

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Key Features

Exclusive Early Access

Exclusive early access to MedTech innovations.

Invest from €1,000 to €250,000

Invest as little or as much as you like to vary your risk and returns.

Structured Pre-Vetted Pitches

MedTech Syndicates pre-vets opportunities for your consideration.

Favourable Investment Terms

Early stage investment is a risk but offers greater returns.

Self-Directed Investment

Your competitive advantage is your knowledge of the unmet clinical need.

Additional Consultancy Roles

Optional consultancy/collaboration roles.

Additional Opportunities

Key Opinion Leader

Working with companies as a KOL through publications and presentations can benefit both the clinician and the MedTech Innovation.

Non-Executive Director

The role of a Non-Executive Director is to provide creative independent contributions to the board.

Collaborate on Clinical Trials

Collaborating on clinical trials allows the company and the clinician to prove innovation efficacy.

Provide Product Feedback

Product feedback is essential to ensure early adoption.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join MedTech Syndicates (MTS)?

Currently MedTech Syndicates is recruiting clinicians to our mailing list. While we recruit and mentor MedTech companies and get them investor ready. Once we have a number of companies ready to launch we will open up the membership to MedTech Syndicates

What type of medical devices do you accept on MTS?

MedTech Syndicates works with

  • Class I to Class III medical devices

  • In Vitro Devices (IVD) Class A to D

  • Digital health projections

How does MTS work?

Once you sign up for the email list we will email you the how to guide to MTS. The basic structure of MTS is as follows:

  • Clinicians join MTS to invest in the MedTech of the future.

  • Companies come to MedTech Syndicates to garner to support of clinicians

  • MTS works with the company to standardise their business information for the clinicians to view.

  • MTS launches the company to our members.

  • Members questions the founders, management team and decide whether to invest.

  • Companies close out funding and MTS work to complete the Syndicate structure with the company.

  • Syndicates invest.

Is there a fee to join MTS?

Yes, there will be a membership fee once we launch our first companies.

To ensure that we reward our first members we will have structured discounts.

How do I access the Business information of companies?

a) Once you are a paid member of MedTech Syndicates you will have access to the backend of the website.

b) In this space you will be able to see the introductions to the product, the team, market information and financials along with milestones both achieved and in progress.

c) Each company page will contain their pitch tailored specifically to clinicians to attract investment.

d) You will then be able to interact with the companies, ask them questions about the clinical need, the health economics, the market and exist strategy.

Can I invite colleagues to invest in projects?

Absolutely, through collaboration with colleagues, companies gain the most from a broad range of clinical opinions and questioning.

What are the investment levels for projects?

The investment levels are determined by the clinician. You can invest as little as €1,000 but you need to gauge your own levels of risk, your belief in the team/product and also what you believe is possible. It is best practice to run your investments past both your solicitor and accountant to ensure that they are structured in an appropriate manner and that clear advice has been taken.